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L'Esplanade Appartments

L'Esplanade Appartments

Location: Skolas iela 2, Rīga
Client: S2
Size: 7 600 m2
Year: 2015
Status: Competition | 1st prize

Team: Pēteris Bajārs, Sabīne Vecvagare, Katerina Smirnova, Elīza Anete Kaužēna, Irma Žemaityte, Līga Vanaga, Ieva Lūse, Roberts Sekste


The City is important to us. How it will change with the times and not lose anything from centuries of accumulated up to perfection and refined skills to enchant and dazzle. That is how it will be able to recover from the scars of time carved where the ancient building of the Riga Broadway have been replaced with impersonal commercial structures.Nostalgic memories of days gone by can be replaced with buildings of bright future.

We believe that both can exist alongside large and small, both massive and feathery. If one is to promote Dialouge. Of the six floors down to one, from an array of national romanticism planes spills over to the frilly eclectic. Each street has its own character.