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Location: Elizabetes iela 2, Rīga
Size: 14,5 m2
Year: 2020
Status: Completed
Partners: NRJA

Team: Pēteris Bajārs, Denis Zeile, Jānis Aufmanis, Vadims Lando, Ivars Kalvāns, Linda Tiltiņa, Laura Liene Cūberga
Video: Elizabete Ronija Dreimane
Music: +K+M+B

We tend to produce. We produce buildings to be empty afterward, and after empty buildings, we produce more buildings. We want a lavish life, and the emptiness of the city to be filled with emptiness. A precious and busy emptiness that shows our ambition and ability. A decorative void to proudly document and to share on Instagram. Emptiness, like an ornament that accentuates the shrinking number of users - as people become less, we continue to create more and more space.

With the multimedia exhibition RED ROOM, the OUTOFBOX team invites you to look at the charming, unique, but forgotten buildings over time, waiting for someone to breathe life into them. The architecture of emptiness is already all around us. Empty buildings, empty squares, empty shop windows, and empty streets. Those are not the monuments that remain in the memory, but actions. Modern approach, modern administration, modern vision!