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Liepāja Bath House

Location: Miķeļa Valtera iela 13, Liepāja
Client: Liepojos Kopos
Size: 9696 m2
Year: 2022
Status: Competition | Honorable mention
Team: Pēteris Bajārs, Elīza Anete Bajāra, Ieva Elizabete Brudne, Annija Marija Silanagle, Ivars Kalvāns, Alvīne Ikauniece, Alise Rūja, Ģirts Runis, Marta Dambrova

Modern, but with a spirit of history - that's our vision of the new building structure on Barona street surrounded by a three-storey eclectic style building with a roof construction from later years and a five-storey Art Nouveau building with elements of national romanticism making it quite challenging for the vision to evolve.

Corresponding to the architecture of the conterminous houses, the new volume continues the characteristic division of the first floor commercial premises, where the large shop windows alternate with massive masonry planes while the architecture of the floors above is ascetic and following the strict rhythm. The cornice line continues the line of the adjacent building at  Krišjāņa Barona Street 28, creating a unified street environment.

The vertical elements of the facade frame the glazing, copying the decorative finish of the windows of the adjacent building in a modern way. The volume of the ledge above the crowning fourth floor is created using different techniques. The geometric, but at the same time airy shape of the roof refers to the features of the adjacent fine Art Nouveau building and its distinctly vertical bay windows, dominating the street space and breaking the monotonous roof line. Therefore a substantive yet consistent and harmonious solution has been achieved.