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Ķemeri Nature Trail

Location: Ķemeri, Jūrmala
Client: Jūrmala City Council
Size: 4 236 m2
Year: 2017
Status: Competition | 2nd prize

Partners: H2E, Landshape, IE.LA Inženieri
Team: Pēteris Bajārs, Guna Priede, Jānis Aufmanis, Arta Lāce, Līga Rudzāte, Elīza Anete Kaužēna, Luīze Elizabete Rukšāne, Katerina Smirnova, Holgers Elers, Inguna Elere, Ģirts Runis, Viesturs Laurs

The collapse of socialist system has marked harsh times for Kemeri. The following and uncontrolled privatization has even more worsen the situation. We believe, that nature revolution is necessary for Kemeri evolution – to appreciate existing environmental values, look at the context in larger scale and creating group of thoughtful nature attraction objects, where newly built Nature Tourism centre is the main location, creating new and not yet experienced …

When designing the new Kemeri Nature Tourism centre, we cannot imagine it without the nature itself, we think that it should become an integral part of the surrounding environment. As the nature is constantly changing and nothing is strictly defined, todays status gou will not work the next day. That is why we propose freedom and variation for volumes and functions.

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